Approximately 3100 glaciers are found in Washington State.  These account for 38% of the glaciers in the contiguous United States equaling 65% of the combined glacier area of the "lower 48".   Nearly 20% of these (half the combined glacier area of the state) are located within the state's three national parks.


This means glaciers are key features of these parks and are sites where significant climate change work is taking place.  And yet with only a few exceptions these glaciers are largely inaccessible to the average park visitor, while the research occurring on them goes largely unnoticed.


This website is dedicated to providing the general public, students, and educators with a unique view of these glaciers and the research occurring on them.  It consists of a series of on-line tours of six heavily studied glaciers that allow users to explore them as if they were walking on them.  Each glacier tour is linked to an interactive map that allows users to investigate the geography, geology, and hydrology of the glaciers and their surroundings.


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