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Virtual Northwest is an evolving collection of virtual field environments (VFEs) for the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, Wyoming, and Montana). A VFE is a virtual reality environment based on a real place that allows you to explore that place in ways that are similar to actually being there. The VFEs in this collection are built by and for geoscience educators and students to enable the curious to explore the geology of the region from a groundview, as well as aerial view. These environments are being made available in this on-line format as a resource for instructors in the region, so in addition to the environments themselves, instructional activities are provided where available.


Using the collection - In some cases the VFEs are accessed from Google Tour Builder tours or other narrative based geospatial browsers. These can also be accessed from direct links posted below. Though most of the VFEs are stand alone environments, there are some that are part of a specialized package called TOTLE in the field. TOTLE is short for Teachers on the Leading Edge.


Warning - Since Virtual Northwest is an evolving collection expect to bump into a number of "Under construction" signs.


Questions, comments, or other feedback - Direct these to Frank Granshaw at


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