Virtual Field Environments by Region

                The map above shows major physiographic regions of the Pacific Northwest.   Collections of VFEs currently exist for over half

                 of these regions.  The goal is to have environments available for all of the regions in the map.


                 Note: This library is currently undergoing reconstruction.  So many of the tours are unavailable.  This problem will hopefully be

                 overcome by early 2018.


Basin and Range

Oregon Section


Blue Mountains (Northeastern Oregon) 

John Day National Monument


Lake Wallowa

Cascade Range

Central Washington to Northern California


Belknap Crater


Columbia River Gorge


Crater Lake National Park


Larch Mountain


Metolius River



Mt. Hood


Mt. Rainier National Park (MORA)


Mt. St. Helens National Monument (MSH)


Sandy River Watershed


Silver Creek State Park - Silverton, OR

Coast Range

Central Washington to Central Oregon


Southern Washington Coast - Copalis to Long Beach, WA


Northern Oregon Coast (1) - Astoria to Tillamook, OR.


Northern Oregon Coast (2) - Tillamook to Lincoln City, OR


Central Oregon Coast (1) - Lincoln City to Newport, OR


Central Oregon Coast (2) - Newport to Florence, OR


Southern Oregon Coast (1) - Florence to Bandon, OR

Coastal Range Belt (British Columbia) 

Columbia Plateau  (Eastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon) 

High Lava Plains (Central Oregon) 

Insular Belt (British Columbia)

Intermontane / Omineca Belts and Okanagon Highlands (British Columbia and Northeastern Washington) 

Klamath Mountains (Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California) 

North Cascades (Northwestern Washington and Southern British Columbia) 

Skagit River Watershed

Olympic Mountains (Northwestern Washington)

Owyhee Uplands (Southeastern Oregon) 

Puget Sound (Northwestern Washington)

Rocky Mountains

Western Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, Idaho, Western Montana, and Western Wyoming


Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming


Yoho National Park - British Columbia

Snake River Plain (Southern Idaho) 

Craters of the Moon - Arco, ID

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Willamette Valley (Northwestern Oregon)