Special Projects


Glaciers and Icefields


Projects related to glacier monitoring and education programs


Glacier Monitoring in Washington State


This collection of VFEs was designed to acquaint park visitors, the general public, and students with the glaciers in Washington parks, and to acquaint them with the research taking place on these glaciers. Additional information about the NPS monitoring program in Washington can be found at Glacier Monitoring Program - North Cascades National Park and Glaciers - Mt. Rainier National Park


JIRP 2014 (Juneau Icefield Research Program)


This collection of VFEs provides students and the general public with a glimpse of the 2014 expedition of JIRP. The Juneau Icefield Research Program is an expeditionary glacier education program that has been introducing undergraduate to glacier science and landscapes for nearly sixty years.  More information about the program can be found at the program website.


In addition to being an outreach and participant orientation tool for the program, it is also designed to give high school and undergraduate students an introduction to glacier research through a series of embedded virtual fieldwork activities.  As seen in the listing below VFEs for the 2014 expedition were constructed by both JIRP staff and students.



Sustainable development and habitat restoration


One of the goals of geoscience education is to introduce students to how we humans interact with earth systems and how we manage them to insure their viability for future generations. Virtual Walkabouts for Sustainability is a project being developed in conjunction with Greater Portland Sustainability Network (GPSEN) showcasing examples of sustainable development and habitat restoration in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.