Home Page of Frank D. Granshaw

Adjunct Faculty

Portland State University

Department of Geology


< fgransha@pdx.edu >


      Academic background


      PhD (Geology / Geoscience Education) – Portland State University

      MS (Geology) – Portland State University

      MAT (Science Education) – Lewis and Clark College

      BA (Physics / Psychology) – Linfield College


      Areas of interest, major publications, and on-line resources


      Geoscience education and visualization

Virtual Northwest: Virtual Field Environments for Geoscience Education

Digital Reference Shelf for Earth Science

Granshaw, F. & Duggan-Haas, D. 2012, Virtual fieldwork in geoscience teacher education: Issues techniques and models; in Google Earth and Virtual Visualizations in Geoscience Education and Research – GSA Special Paper 492, p. 285-304

Granshaw, F., 2011, Designing and Using Virtual Field Environments to Enhance and Extend Field Experience in Professional Development Programs in Geology for K-12 Teachers, Doctoral Dissertation – Portland State University


      Sustainability education

Virtual Northwest: Special Projects – Habitat Restoration Projects and Sustainable Developments in the Portland Metropolitan Area.


      Glacier – climate interactions

Virtual Northwest: Special Projects – Glaciers and Icefields

Glaciers of the American West: Learning about Glaciers

Granshaw, F.D. and Fountain, A.G., 2006, Glacier Change (1958-1998) in the North Cascades National Park Complex, Washington, USA, in Journal of Glaciology, v. 52, n. 177 p.251-256

Granshaw, F.D. 2002. Glacier change in the North Cascades National Park complex, Washington State, USA, 1958–1998, MS thesis, Portland State University